Project Brief:

When the client brought the brief and I checked out the site.

It was built on a very heavy theme, there hosting was far away from their target audience.

Some of the Images did not load.

I sat down gave him a choice of designs and worked on improving his users experience.

Being about Blogging and Money it was a competitive niche and wanted to do something that is fast loading but very responsive.

We also helped the client move his host closer to his audience.


Step 01

Gather all information

Did a full audit and saw the problems the client was facing.

Made a Plan with the Client 


Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

After the Audit and Manually inspecting the clients site, we found the problems and were able to solve it


Step 03

Finally Get the Result

We changed the theme and did some custom work in designing and branding also.

We love how it turned out and our client loves it!

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